FAA Agrees to Work on Changing the Flight Paths
But Continued Efforts by FLAMC Required to Achieve Victory

Through the efforts of Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities (FLAMC), along with community involvement and the tremendous help of our elected representatives, the FAA has finally promised to address our demands to mitigate the impact of the SoCal Metroplex flight paths that have been severely impacting the economy and quality of life in our area.

The FAA implemented the SoCal Metroplex Project in phases starting in late 2016 and 2017. It replaced dozens of conventional air routes with ones based on satellite navigation. Some of the new routes takes planes directly over Lake Arrowhead and surrounding mountain communities, which are more than 5,000 feet above sea level.

The new SoCal Metroplex flight paths were implemented without any community involvement. When we objected, the FAA informed us that it was too late to provide any input or demand changes, so FLAMC was formed to give area residents a single voice and legal standing in the fight to get the FAA to address our concerns and mitigate this ever-increasing blight.

This announcement by the FAA does not mean we can declare victory. It simply means they have begun work on developing alternative routes. The design and implementation of any changes will take over a year and there are no guarantees that the FAA will follow through on the promises made today; however, it does mean we finally have a voice and place at the negotiating table in this process.

FLAMC is extremely appreciative of the great efforts by Supervisor Janice Rutherford, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris and Congressman Paul Cook on our behalf. We look forward to working with them and their staff to make the most of this opportunity.

We are encouraged, but must now redouble our efforts and need additional support and resources to ensure that the plans developed by the FAA are sound. It is vital that we continue pressure on the FAA and stay the course so that the changes executed improve our situation and do not generate new unintended negative consequences.

Now is not the time to become complacent. We require significant resources to finish the job. Only with your help and continued support will we achieve our goals. We have won a great battle, but more remains to be done before we can finally declare Mission Accomplished! Please visit to make a tax-deductible contribution today.

Matthew KallisComment