FLAMC Article in Lake Arrowhead UPDATE - Fall 2018

FLAMC Article in Lake Arrowhead UPDATE - Fall 2018

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We can Change the Course of the FAA!

We have an extraordinary opportunity to positively impact the future quality of life in Lake Arrowhead and surrounding mountain communities. When the FAA began routing commercial aviation traffic at low levels directly over our heads no one knew that the new NextGen flight paths were even being considered, let alone implemented; however, the FAA is currently in the post implementation phase of this process, and we have a unique window of opportunity to compel the FAA to utilize viable alternatives that will allow the planned growth at Ontario Airport without destroying our health, economy, property values and quality of life. If we do not act now, what is a nuisance today, will become untenable and irreversible within the next few years.

MovetheFlightPath.org and Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead (part of the National Quiet Skies Coalition) have merged to form Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities (FLAMC), a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. FLAMC is strategically directing our community resources to compel the FAA to address our concerns, move the flight path, and mitigate the impact of future growth in air traffic on our quality of life. To accomplish this goal requires significant financial resources; however, the investment will pay enormous dividends in the future. We urge everyone to visit our web site www.flamc.org and make as large a contribution as your means allow so that we have the necessary defense fund for this vital endeavor.

A small handful of us have been funding these efforts ourselves. Lawyers, Environmental Testing and Aviation experts are expensive.

Most of us know that “defensible space” means removing fire fuels so your home will be less likely to sustain fire loss because action was taken to get ahead of high fire risk. How can anyone forget the oil filter commercials

with the mechanic holding up an oil filter while in the background an entire engine is out of a car as the mechanic says, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” The message is clear, get ahead of the problem. If we act now, we can avoid the costly consequences of having failed to do anything when the problem first appeared.

FLAMC has a strategic plan, but we need the community to support this process which is designed to compel the FAA to move the flight path back to the uninhabited area (way-crossing) known as Heaps Peak. FLAMC realizes that a future of more planes crossing above the community means more noise and more jet pollution. We must get ahead of this threat, and that is why we need everyone to support the work FLAMC is doing now.

We have already made our voices heard, but this is not enough. The outcry of complaints generated by the community prompted Dennis Roberts, FAA Western Region Administrator, to attend a community meeting in Lake Arrowhead on Jan. 25, 2018. His personal appearance alone spoke volumes. It was the first time the FAA actually set foot on our mountain regarding NextGen. Roberts admitted that the flight path impact was based only on computer models, and didn’t involve on the ground analysis. He promised to mitigate the negative consequences with a new night flight path called JCKIE that would be implemented to address concerns raised by the community. The problem is that JCKIE crosses from Cedar Glen to Skypark, just east of Skyforest. Roberts contended that the historic route over Heaps Peak which had been used for decades without incident was no longer viable but gave no evidence to support those claims. The real reason that the FAA made this change was that the FAA fears a change from the EAGLZ flight path over Lake Arrowhead would open the proverbial Pandora’s box of changes nationwide. Evidently, the FAA preferred imposing an additional flight path

while avoiding the appearance of conceding to a community request. The real intention is to just make room for more planes.

We must not become complacent on this issue. Ontario Airport is aggressively recruiting more airline carriers to make Ontario International Airport a destination of choice. We already see this with Jet Blue and China Airlines now landing at ONT. Each new carrier has flown directly over Lake Arrowhead and nearby communities. UPS, Amazon and FedEx have increased warehouse facilities near the airport. As a result, we see cargo planes flying into Ontario from all over the nation each day. Cargo planes fly lower, louder, and generate more engine pollution than most passenger carriers.

Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain FLAMC is undertaking scientific studies to document the harm to our environment and legal experts must be engaged to assist us in undertaking effective actions. FLAMC is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status. The Board of Directors consists of Matthew Kallis – President, Anthony St. John – CFO, and David Caine – Secretary, along with a group of community advisors. FLAMC is building upon the efforts initiated by David Caine to engage individuals in the community committed to resolving this issue. This effort requires financial support and community involvement. Please visit our web site at www.FLAMC.org to stay informed, file a complaint with the FAA, and most importantly, make a donation to support our efforts. You can also mail your tax deductible contribution to FLAMC, P.O. Box 1744, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-1744.

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