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Welcome to Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities… and Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead (part of the National Quiet Skies Coalition) have merged to form Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities (FLAMC) whose mission is to strategically direct community resources and compel the FAA to move the flight path.

The FAA has recently changed the flight path to allow low level approaches DIRECTLY over Lake Arrowhead and surrounding neighborhoods. For decades the flight path was over Heaps Peak, a mostly uninhabited area of the mountain approximately three and half miles east of the new route. The current level of air traffic is expected to increase dramatically in the months and years to come. Our goal is for the FAA to stop using the new flight path. To accomplish this, we are engaging nationally recognized experts to gather and analyze irrefutable data that can be used to undertake legal and administrative actions which will force the FAA to comply.

FLAMC is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. The Board of Directors consists of Matthew Kallis, President; Anthony St. John, CFO, and David Caine, Secretary. FLAMC was formed because efforts to date have not resulted in the FAA addressing the concerns of our community and from using the flight path over Lake Arrowhead unless more people become directly involved and greater emphasis was placed on scientific data and legal guidance, among other strategic actions needed to combat the FAA and other issues facing our mountain communities.





FLAMC Officers:

Matthew D. Kallis - President

Mr. Kallis holds an undergraduate degree from MIT, and a MBA in Finance from Columbia University.  In addition to his extensive background in business, he is an award winning director and documentary producer.  Matthew is passionate about our unique community and lives full-time in Lake Arrowhead.


Anthony (Tony) St. John - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. St. John, also a full-time Lake Arrowhead resident, is a graduate of UCSF who worked for NBC news and has 30 years’ experience as a cameraman in Hollywood.  Tony was elected to two terms on the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council as chair of the Public Safety Committee and subsequently was Vice-President of the council.  He is serving as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of FLAMC.


David Caine – Corporate Secretary

Mr. Caine is the founder of Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead which has merged with FLAMC.  He retired from SCE where he ran a large claims department specializing in workers’ compensation law.  Mr. Caine has dual degrees in Criminology and Law Enforcement.  David graduated from California State University of Long Beach and completed post graduate studies in Law at Western State College of Law.  His commitment to our community is well known through his successful effort to fight the Bark Beatle infestation and now serves as Corporate Secretary of FLAMC.


Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA)

Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA)

Rim of the World Association of Realtors

Rim of the World Association of Realtors

Lake Arrowhead Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)

Lake Arrowhead Municipal Advisory Council (MAC)




Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities is engaging nationally recognized experts to collect and analyze scientific data in the following areas:

1. Water and Air pollution samples testing for particulates and other contaminants generated by the air traffic and fouling our community drinking water source.

2. Precise noise measurements to counter the FAA's method of averaging over time and distance.

3. Economic impacts including property values, tourism, vacation rentals, income from filming permits.

4. Aviation Issues analyzing accurate measurements of low altitude flights and exploring alternate flight paths.

We are also working with experienced legal advisors to undertake administrative actions and prospective litigation in order to compel the FAA to address the concerns of our community.

All these efforts require significant financial support and we cannot do this alone.  Volunteers are needed to work on letters, phone calls, educational programs for the uninformed, petition drives, meetings with legislative leaders in Congress and local representatives as well as FAA and local airport officials.  The cost of the scientific studies needed to document the harm to our environment is substantial, and the administrative and legal actions we must undertake require significant financial resources.  To achieve the goal of moving the flight path, FLAMC needs your contributions.  

Join the battle!  Sign up today to be a supporting member of FLAMC and send your tax deductible contribution to FLAMC, P.O. Box 1744, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352



The Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities (FLAMC) has been formed to protect and enhance the quality of life for all residents and visitors to Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding San Bernardino Mountain Communities including Crestline, Running Springs, Cedar Glen, Skyforest, Rimforest, Crest Park, Twin Peaks, Deer Lodge Park, Arrowbear Lake, Green Valley Lake and the Valley of Enchantment.

The mission of FLAMC is to undertake the education, public safety testing, scientific analysis and legal actions necessary to further the common good and general welfare of the community.  The immediate goal is to control and mitigate the impact on our quality of life from the FAA’s implementation of NextGen Flight Paths which is creating low altitude air traffic over our homes, businesses, and natural resources.



Low Altitude Flight Over Lake Arrowhead Playground