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Welcome to Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities. and Quiet Skies Lake Arrowhead (part of the National Quiet Skies Coalition) have merged to form Friends of Lake Arrowhead Mountain Communities (FLAMC), a California nonprofit public benefit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. The mission of FLAMC is to strategically direct our community resources to compel the FAA to move the flight path.

The FAA has recently changed the flight path to allow low level approaches DIRECTLY over Lake
Arrowhead and surrounding neighborhoods. For decades the flight path was over Heaps Peak, a mostly uninhabited area of the mountain approximately three and half miles east of the new route. The current level of air traffic is expected to increase dramatically in the months and years to come.

Our goal is for the FAA to stop using the new flight path. To accomplish this, we are engaging nationally recognized experts to gather and analyze irrefutable data that can be used to undertake legal and administrative actions which will force the FAA to comply.

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Press Releases & News


New Flight Path Over Lake Arrowhead


NextGen FAA Low flying Aircraft make Lake Arrowhead Residents Angry! KABC News Chanel 7 interview David Caine


UPS Low Altitude Flight Over Lake Arrowhead:

UPS crossing over Lake Arrowhead homes after FAA imposed "NextGen" flight path where it never has been before. Now loud, low and frequent airplanes every day and night.

Amazon Plane Flying Over Lake Arrowhead:

NextGen! Below 2500 feet, FAA routed Low flying aircraft directly over Lake Arrowhead, CA into Ontario Airport. Crossing homes and polluting drinking water. The FAA failed to even conduct public hearings.


Low Altitude Flight Over Rim High School

Low Altitude Flight Over Lake Arrowhead Village


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